Subject Matter Professionals

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Tami Wilson, Founder/CEO

  • Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science MIS from UC Berkley
  • Navy veteran

30+ years of specialized experience in network design and engineering, optimizing networks for efficiency, security, reliability, and cost-effectiveness within dynamic technology ecosystems.

Deployed cutting-edge technologies, including Cisco Switching and Routing, Motorola GPON, Aruba Mesh WiFi, and Extreme Wing products, to deliver innovative solutions for customers’ networking needs.

Designed and deployed WiFi installations in stadiums and arenas, using top-of-the-line Aruba ad Ruckus products and Cisco switching deployment.

Developed customized network solutions for highly-visibility premier hotel properties and identified the most cost-effective and easy-to-support solutions for each franchise.

Successfully managed multiple large-scale projects from conception to completion, ensuring quality, cost-effectiveness, and timely delivery.

Sharon Simmons Flash Network GroupSharon Simmons, Partner/Chief Operations Officer

  • Master’s Degree in Management from Baker University
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Baker University
  • Certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute

Sharon oversees overall business operations and strategy, including creating and managing diverse business processes, people management, customer support, and project management.

Built and sustained strategic partnerships supporting long-term growth, fostering collaboration with program managers and business leaders to mitigate identified risks and drive effective transformations.

Developed and executed program strategies aligned with company vision and business objectives, establishing structures and frameworks that resulted in revenue enhancement and cost and expense control.

Delivered and managed complex, large-scale projects and service/system implementations for clients across diverse industries, including telecommunications, business service providers, media, and entertainment.

Chuck Dettlaff, Director of Engineering

  • BS Electrical engineering degree from the University of Wisconsin in Madison

Extensive electronic equipment design work for the defense industry and then subsequently early cell phone design. Traveled the world to establish and modernize production facilities in the Philippines, China, and Southeast Asia. Enterprise information technology design of networks and security systems for hospitals, colleges, and other education environments. Leveraged both Wi-Fi and LTE (private and public).

Numerous industry certifications including Cisco, Extreme Networks, Juniper, ALE, Fortinet, and Microsoft.

As a Boy Scout leader for 20 years, chuck has led troops on adventures to Sea Base, Northern Tier and Philmont. He has mentored more than 25 boys to become Eagle Scouts. The National office selected him to lead the Caribbean International Jamboree contingent. Chuck has also served as a Sunday school teacher for high school kids and a High School Band advisor for 9 years.

Married to Christine for 39 years, they have raised two kids who work in technology fields.

Flash Network Pocket LogoVladimir Pavlov, Senior Wireless Network Design Engineer

Vladimir brings a wealth of experience and a passion for Wi-Fi technology. With a career spanning 16 years and a diverse background, Vladimir is a true leader in his field.

Born in Bulgaria, Vladimir’s journey into the IT industry began during his involvement in a significant government IT project in his home country. In 2005, he ventured to the United States to continue his career in IT, fueled by his desire to make a difference.

One of Vladimir’s notable accomplishments is his work on more than 180 Hilton Hotels’ Wi-Fi networks, where he played a crucial role in their design, installation, and configuration. His skills were further honed when he led a team responsible for setting up and supporting guest Wi-Fi networks which he designed at the famous MGM hotels in Las Vegas.

Throughout his career, Vladimir consistently served as the lead Wi-Fi design engineer, showcasing his knack for innovation and dedication to delivering top-notch connectivity solutions.

In 2022, Vladimir joined Flash Networks Group, bringing his wealth of experience to our team. His contributions have been instrumental in our success on numerous large-scale hotel and Large Public Venue (LPV) projects.

Vladimir’s commitment to ongoing learning is evident through his multiple industry certifications. He stays at the forefront of wireless technology developments to ensure that our clients receive the best solutions available.

Vladimir Pavlov’s journey from Bulgaria to the United States and his impressive career milestones have made him the skilled Senior Wireless Network Design Engineer we proudly have on our team today.

We invite you to discover Vladimir’s expertise as we continue to push the boundaries of wireless network design at Flash Networks Group.